V’ger – powerful IT solutions for the insurance market

V’ger offers innovative software solutions for the international insurance market. Our services focus on core insurance systems for liability & accident, life and health insurance. Our software solutions are also available as a V'ger Sky cloud service with an attractive, degressive pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Award-winning solution

V’ger Sky, which is based on the NOVUM cloud platform, has already won several awards for its globally unique security and compliance concept.

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For all sectors and every strategy

The V’ger product world offers standard solutions for all sectors and every strategy: either as a cloud service according to the pay-as-you-go principle or in your own data center.


New business models

Customer focus: Develop new business models and innovative insurance products, including completely new demand-oriented value chains.

Current Events

Events and schedules for 2021:

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09 February 2021

NOVUM-RGI and die Bayerische Bring Transformation Process to the Home Stretch on Schedule Despite Corona

The insurance group die Bayerische starts with the operation of the home contents line in its department. After the successful introduction of yet another business line by NOVUM-RGI, the Munich-based insurer is entering the home straight in its transformation process as planned.

12 January 2021


PKV Association assigns NOVUM-RGI with the implementation of the service for the transmission of statistical data of its member companies

The goal is to develop, a modern application that combines data transmission and verification within one efficient system and quickly enables all requests for statistical information to the member companies according to a uniform standard by the end of the first quarter.

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